Why is training important for a Montessori teacher ?

A Montessori teacher refers to a specially trained individual who plays an important role in developing a child’s personality, knowledge, and growth. It is a very responsible role which gives children the fundamentals of education. Dr. Montessori believed that the teacher should focus on the child as a person rather than on the daily lesson plans. Although the Montessori teacher plans daily lessons for each child, she must be alert to changes in the child’s interest, progress, mood, and behavior. The Montessori teacher is trained to give one-on-one or small group lessons and spend little time giving large group lessons. Lessons are brief and precise, meant to intrigue the minds of children so that they come back to learn more on their own. Montessori lessons center around the most basic information necessary for the children to do the work: the name of the materials, where it can be found in the classroom and on the shelf, how to use the materials, and what can be done with them. For those who want to get into the teaching field without any prior experience will require this training to kick-start their careers on a positive note. If you are looking out for MTT programs in Bangalore, SAM’S Academy is conducting NTT/MTT program. It covers all the modules, both theory and practical’s, which help teachers, create a positive impact on kids! www.samsacademy.co.in

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