What is the minimum Qualification requirement to be a Montessori Teacher?

The minimum eligibility criterion for enrolling in the Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training course is 10 + 2. Most Montessori teacher training programs require applicants to have a Three-year college degree. The degree doesn’t have to be in education, though. Many Montessori teachers come from a non-educational background too. There’s never been a better time to pursue certification for teaching in a Montessori environment. Soon, there will be a huge Montessori teacher shortage. Lots of schools are opening up, but the number of teachers getting certified isn’t high enough to staff them all. This creates a golden opportunity for those who’ve been thinking about getting into Montessori education as a certified teacher. Enroll now at SAM’S Academy to start a career has a Teacher, Trainer, Councillor or Entrepreneur.

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