Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care

A unique program offers exclusive teaching techniques to educate children during their early years. Tutors the principles of Montessori by  emphasizing on  the practical application. The course aims to prepare the aspirants with the latest methodologies and skills that help to bring in creativity in their teaching.Help equip themselves with Vital skills and knowledge aligned with the needs of the modern classroom.

  • Eligibility : Minimum Qualification required is +2.
  • Course Date: Throughout the year.
  • Course Type : Online/Regular/Distance Learning
  • Duration of the Course : 6 Months
  • Days/Week : 2 days/90 min
  • Albums : 1
  • Theory & Practical Module : 6 Modules
  • Course Fees : Rs 21500


Module 1 : Early Childhood Education and Nutrition(ECE)

  • Brief History of Maria Montessori
  • Imparts knowledge about Importance of Early Childhood Education
  • Essential Nutrients

Module 2: Practical Life Exercises (PLE)

  • Importance and various groups of PLE
  • Steps of PLE

Module 3: Sensorial Education in Montessori

  • Sensorial activities of Montessori classroom.

Module 4: Early childhood language

  • Phonics
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Development of language in early childhood
  • Nurturing skills
  • Milestones of language Development among children.

Module 5: Math

  • Techniques to teach mathematical concepts covered in the primary Montessori classroom.

Module 6 : Science, Culture and Montessori Philosophy

  • Areas: Culture, Science
  • Various elements essential characteristics, Layout of preschool, Role of Director,Etc.